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Africa This Week

In an exclusive interview, Actor and spoken word poet Ashley Chin aka Muslim Belal speaks on  about his debut film 'The Autobiography of Ashley Chin' ; with Sheila Nortley, the director. The former rapper has spent the past year touring the country delivering his story "From The Streets 2 Islam" In a unique poetic style. Ashley is a cessful British actor lead roles include, ITV drama 'The Bill' BBC Film 'Storm Damage' ITV drama ''Holby Blue'' & ''The Fixer'' 

Roots was originally a book by Journalist Alex Haley, commissioned into a film and follows the story of a a young African enslaved and taken to the Americas. The film follows his and his descendants quest from freedom to the 20th century.The history Channell revives the film with new cast including Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker and English newcomer Malachi Kirby as Kunta Kinte to reflect new questions around race, inequality and heritage. But not everyone is convinced by this, including Actor John Amos who played Kunta in the original series.

Rastafarians have played a vital role in diversity in Britain and Black Cultural Archives in Brixton will be the first to showcase ‘Rastafari in Motion’. An exhibition telling the story of emergence of the Rastafari movement in Britain and Emperor Haile Selassie’s presence’s influence on rising consciousness of Black Youth from the 1960’s onwards. The exhibition also highlights the importance of the changing attitudes that young Afro-Caribbeans felt towards their host country Britain in the 1970s. 

The Art of storytelling is an important feature of many African cultures and traditions. We look at the revival of storytelling through modern day griots and their mission to unite the African diaspora and descendants of African heritage through this time honored art form. Khalil Charles speaks to Usifu Jalloh and his trips as a griot in South America and in the United Kingdom and different parts of West Africa.

Save the Congo! is a Congolese-led campaign group working to help end the wars engulfing Congo and the great Lakes Region. They are a diasporic group of disaffeced young Congolese who have recently launched a countdown. This countdown is for current President of Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, to step down. We speak to them group and discuss whether they think there will be peace in the country.

Film Africa comes to Africa This Week! It is an annual London film festival celebrating the best African cinema from across the continent and diaspora brought to you by The Royal African Society. In its 5th year, Film Africa came to talk to us about the changing landscape of African cinema and variety of films. This year they focused on themes such as migration. Author Na'imah B Roberts also releases her visual poem to commemorate Black History Month from an Islamic perspective.

Habeeb Akande is a published author and independent filmmaker. He has recently produced a documentary film project about what it means to be Black and Muslim in Brazil. The documentary will explores the concept of blackness and the rise in Brazil’s black consciousness movement, paying particular attention to the north-eastern Brazilian city of Salvador in the state of Bahia.

Pupils at Pretoria Girls High say staff often tell them to straighten their hair and that they are not allowed afros. Rules over how female students wear their hair at a South African high school have now been suspended after anti-racism protests.  Wearing natural hair has become more prevalent amongst women across the diaspora -online and on the streets, but what has been its effect? 

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