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The Report

Duration 02:27 mins

Date of Broadcast: 8th June 2017


Synopsis: Fired FBI director James Comey confirms US President Donald Trump urged him to drop an investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn, then under scrutiny for his Russia contacts. Our reporter, Adama Munu has more on this.

The Report

Duration 05:05mins

Date of Broadcast: 30th May 2017


Synopsis:  Nigeria on Tuesday marks 50 years since the declaration of an independent Republic of Biafra plunged the country into a civil war, amid renewed tensions and fresh calls for a separate state. 

The Report

Duration 03:47mins

Date of Broadcast: 4th May 2017


Synopsis:  Algerians voted Thursday for a new parliament amid soaring unemployment and a deep financial crisis caused by a collapse in oil revenues. Our reporter, Adama Munu has more on this.

The Report

Duration 02:04mins

Date of Broadcast: 14th February 2017


Synopsis:  News update on four besieged towns in Syria with a growing humanitarian crisis. The UN has made fresh calls for greater humanitarian and diplomatic support.

The Report

Duration 03:00 mins

Date of Broadcast:  21st April 2017


Synopsis:  Rebel slave Kunta Kinte immortalised in "Roots", put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism. But the island where he was taken from is under threat.

The Report

Duration 05:08 mins

Date of Broadcast: 20th April 2017


Synopsis: Signs suggesting Egyptian-Sudanese relations are taking a turn for the better were exemplified by a meeting between the two countries' foreign ministers.

The Report

Duration 04:45 mins

Date of Broadcast: 2nd March  2017


Synopsis:  The return of xenophobic attacks have entered its fourth week in South African urban cities raising fears that on the stability of the rainbow nation.

The Report

Duration 03:26 mins

Date of Broadcast: 21st February 2017


Synopsis:  The UN met in Harare looking into solutions to the crop-eating "armyworm" caterpillar outbreak in southern Africa, one farm north of Pretoria in South Africa has been hit hard by the infestation. 

The Report

Duration 04:05 mins

Date of Broadcast: 9th November 2016


Synopsis:  He made his most controversial remarks about Islam in December last year, sparking anger, when he called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States after a mass shooting in California.

Africa This Week

Duration 02:26 mins

Date of Broadcast: 24th September 2016



The premiere of the Queen of Katwe Film at Leicester Square detailing  the true life story of a Ugandan chess master starring Oscar award winning actress Lupita N'yongyo.

Africa This Week

Duration 06:09 mins

Date of Broadcast: 2nd September 2016



This week saw a twitter storm over an alleged racist policy of a high school in South Africa which demanded black girls were not allowed to wear afros. Wearing natural hair has become more prevalent amongst women across the diaspora.

The Report

Duration 02:45 mins

Date of Broadcast: 10th August 2016



The UK Guardian Newspaper reported the devastating abuses experienced by children in the largest leak of documents from Australia’s offshore detention center on the Pacific Island of Nauru. Our reporter Adama Munu looks at this developing story.

The Report

Duration 02:35mins

Date of Broadcast: 20th February 2018


Synopsis:  Over the weekend, mosques across the UK opened their doors for the fourth consecutive year of ‘Visit My Mosque’ Day. The initiative aims to open up Islamic places of worship, fostering community dialogue and challenging misconceptions. 

The Report

Duration 02:55 mins

Date of Broadcast: 20th December 2017


Yemen has marked 1,000 days since the country's civil war began. Aid workers have denounced the international community's failure to bring a halt to starvation and destruction.

Africa This Week

Duration 04:43 mins

Date of Broadcast: 2nd July 2016



Rastafarians have played a vital role in diversity in Britain and Black Cultural Archives in Brixton will be the first to showcase ‘Rastafari in Motion’. An exhibition telling the story of emergence of the Rastafari movement in Britain.

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